Prelude to the Dream

Greetings, and welcome to the blog of an Animate(d) Dreamer!

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After having maintained a steady and selective online presence in anime/gaming forums and twitter through the years, I’ve decided to make my own foray into the boundless blogosphere with an online journal of my own. As the tagline suggests, it is my hope here to offer some analyses of anime and anime-related content.  It is not this web journal’s aim to be a news site; we already have places like and for that content, never mind all the Japanese and more-NSFW sites. Nor, at least in this early  stage of blog development, am I thinking about doing reviews of anime on a week-by-week basis, especially standalone episodes of presently streaming anime.  (There is a lot of competition…) What I do hope to achieve is to offer some commentary and analyses that won’t get lost in the endless online sea.  It is my intention that these write-ups will be over fairly niche or artistically-driven properties within Japanese otaku media; if I do write about more mainstream media properties, I hope to do so in a distinctive way via a distinctive voice. These should be write-ups that stand-out, that move you, that try to make you think if they don’t try to do much of the thinking for you.

Or maybe by doing these write-ups, I mostly just want to try and vainly keep my own critical thinking and writing skills sharp and relevant.  I didn’t earn my B.A. in English for nothing! ( I also need to do my part to satiate an admittedly anorexic self-esteem…)

Hopefully there will be something to appeal to you here in this little old blog. You are forewarned, though, as this blog is not for the faint of heart,  particularly if you’re barely familiar with anime or the other genres of media that help define ‘otaku culture’ in the West. (There are probably going to be  some pretty crazy and obtuse material that I decide to cover here.) I may also look at subjects through intertextual lenses, touching on the likes of contemporary issues, films, and even classic literature should they bear any relationship on the ‘otaku property’ being analyzed. Again, I didn’t get through my college education for nothing!

I just hope to not procrastinate here as much as I did then. 😛

Anyway, here’s to your future enjoyment. Have fun and keep your wits about you!

-John David


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